For employers/ HR agencies

RecruIT Ltd. was established with the goal to provide professional service in the field of IT and engineering. RecruIT Ltd was created under the collaboration of two companies: Akvamarin HR Ltd. and Grape Solutions Plc.

We can state confidently that our company has a high level of knowledge in both HR and IT/engineering fields.

Recruitment in the field of engineering

RecruIT is Akvamarin HR’s young office based in Budapest. Akvamarin HR Ltd. has more than 15 years experience in human resource market, leading agency in its region which provides help in 90% of the cases in the recruitment and selection of engineers.

IT recruitment

During our establishment we merged with Grape Solutions Plc., a custom software development company. Due to their assistance we provide unique IT recruitment service on the Hungarian market. RecruIT Ltd. is the only human resource agency who takes up-to-date software developers and IT professionals into the interview process from round „zero” in case of request. Our goal is to utilize that market gap found in IT segment. IT technology’s rapid development makes it almost impossible for recruitment agencies to have appropriate professional knowledge required for quality work. Even our base is shared with Grape Solutions Plc. therefore we know IT not only theoretical level but we work with software developers daily and can follow effectively the changes of IT technology and see in practise what some of the positions mean (for example: Business Analyst, Project leader, Delivery Manager).

Recruitment and selection

In most of the cases not necessarily the highest skilled professional is the best solution. Corporations frequently can use excellent skills only for a short period of time. Our goal is not to find the highest skilled professional but understanding the needs of our Partners for whom we find that Candidate, whose skills and knowledge is adequate to perform on a high quality in the exact position and the existing and available company conditions mean enough motivation for the Candidate to be a successful part of the team for a long time.

For foreign HR agencies

Filling positions in IT/engineering field is always a challenge for every HR agency. We have been monitoring Hungarian market for more than 15 years and found a tendency that shows 40% of professionals are interested in working abroad. To serve this group of professionals we are open to broaden the pool of foreign HR agencies and help them to provide the most suitable Candidates to their Partners.


There comes a time every leader’s life when he/she

  • Can’t decide
  • Feels insecure about his/her performance
  • Needs encouragement to solve a problem
  • Needs somebody who sees the organization from another perspective
  • Burns out under the weight of responsibilities
  • Needs to share work problems

A coach helps in these cases. An experienced professional who got by several conflicts and successes, listens to the leader and helps him/her with questions to make decisions about which direction to lead their professional life. Coaching is a science based art, where the professional unfolds and activates the values of the leader through questions, activate presence and reflections.

Outsourcing, outplacement

Human political service provided to Employers where we help the Employer as well the laid off Employees to process the psychological, social and legal consequencies and help in job searching.