In most of the cases not necessarily the highest skilled professional is the best solution. Corporations frequently can use excellent skills only for a short period of time. Our goal is not to find the highest skilled professional but understanding the needs of our Partners for whom we find that Candidate, whose skills and knowledge is adequate to perform on a high quality in the exact position and the existing and available company conditions mean enough motivation for the Candidate to be a successful part of the team for a long time.

Our philosophy is any organization, any position can find its optimal person and every candidate can find the optimal job. We build timeless bridges between corporations and professionals.


  • Mapping our Partner’s requirements
  • Competency list to the positions
  • Define the professional background and personality of the ideal Candidate


  • Advertisement
  • Data bank
  • Direct search
  • Contact system

Selecting process:

  1. CV analyzing
  2. Competency based interview
  3. IT test for the Candidates (if needed)
  4. Evaluation of the Candidates

Searching through advertisement or databank

These two methods are appropriate mostly to select professionals hired on lower and medium level in the corporation. According to the search profile based on advertisements in the most suitable mediums and our database we define the circle of appropriate Candidates. Our Partner choose its professional from this circle.

RecuIT Ltd. contracted with several on-line recruitment sites which cooperation let us to represent our Partner’s positions on most on-line surfaces. Besides advertisement, the fruit of our more than 15 years of operation is our database with thousands of Candidates which continuously refreshed and the guarantee to find the most appropriate Candidate to our Partners within the shortest time.

Direct search

Direct search is the solution for finding leaders and ”scarcity professionals”. We define the circle of the potential Candidates according to the sectorial and the corporational specifics. Providing serious discretion we select the ideal leader to our Partner from the contacted and the ”open to change” Candidates.

Competency based inteview

Competency based interview (sometimes mentioned as behavioural or criteria based interview) is a type of structural interviews where the interviewer maps the Candidate’s skills required for the position through targeted questions.

Through questions we make the Candidate to tell stories so we can decide if the Candidate showed the searched behaviour. The interviewer builds up the order of the questions systematically to gain real picture about the Candidates strengths and weaknesses.

Competency based interview is classified into medium structured selection methods where the goal of the questions is to gain information about some specific competencies and for a more detailed picture, the interviewer can take further spontaneous questions. The answers are evaluated separately on a scale. Competency based interview is more structural than a simple job or biographical interview but less tight than a situational interview.

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