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Our worldwide-known partner is one of the fastest-growing companies specialized in translation technology, now looking for their new colleague as a Java Developer.

If the workplace atmosphere is important to you, you’ll love working as part of a highly motivated, talented, international team. If you like freedom and flexibility, you’ll enjoy the autonomy you’ll get, the friendly environment, and the flexible work hours. If you like versatility, different deployment models and product varieties will suit you.

Their tech stack:

  • They use the latest LTS version of Java in the actively developed modules
  • Their legacy systems are still on Java 8
  • They test with Junit 5
  • They use Gradle to build their applications
  • They manage their code in Gitlab
  • They store packages in Nexus
  • Their CI/CD pipeline is Jenkins where they guarantee their code quality with SonarQube
  • They maintain their infrastructure in Azure Kubernetes Service


  • Develop new features to their e-commerce, customer portal and CRM system in Spring Boot
  • Maintain and replace their legacy systems in JavaEE
  • Integrate their custom solutions with third party APIs
  • Work in an agile fast-moving team
  • Maintain their own CI/CD pipelines
  • Be encouraged to constantly learn and grow as a developer as it suits you best, like attending workshops, conferences or read as many books as you want from their library
  • Help more junior colleagues to grow in their position via mentoring


  • You have experience working with Java and its ecosystems
  • You are keen to write tests alongside your code to be confident in its stability and quality
  • You write clean and readable OOP code
  • You have experience with relational databases and ORM frameworks
  • You are a quick thinker, able to solve complex problems with ease
  • You enjoy working in a small team
  • You are not rattled by change and ambiguity, but actively seek to try new approaches and change course flexibly when it makes sense
  • You are enthusiastic to learn new skills and share them with your colleagues
  • You experience mistakes as part of being human instead of blaming the person who committed them (be it you or others) and regard it as an opportunity to learn and grow
  • Strong conversational and business English


  • If you can write code using TDD methodology
  • If you are familiar with other programming languages
  • Their front-end site is written in React using TypeScript
  • They have back-office systems written in C#
  • Their infrastructure is managed with Terraform
  • If you have experience with cloud providers and technologies

Our client's offer

  • Trainings
  • Flexible home office opportunities
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Language lessons
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